Privacy Policy

We strongly advise you to study this Privacy Policy before accessing our websites or doing anything with us. WayZ ERP Company values its customers’ confidentiality and has created these Security Policies to reflect its devotion towards safeguarding their information.

Your Legal Rights

If you live in the European Community, the GDPR gives you the following rights:

  • To receive information about how we handle your private details.
  • If your private details are wrong, you have the right to get it fixed, and you have the option to get your data filled if it is missing.
  • You have the right to complain about the handling of your private data, get details deleted and get insight into your data.

  • Objectives and Legal Premises

    Your email address is used to give us information about you and your profile. The interest in maintaining confidentiality is the legal justification for using your email address. Our clear interest in delivering excellent customer service is part of the legal basis for this process. It also gives us essential information regarding services, applications, and security updates.

    User Information Releases and Shares

    WayZ is a worldwide enterprise. We might have to disclose certain information with the other firms in certain countries and regions to provide our goods, applications, and solutions. WayZ may share your data with the following parties, subject to applicable laws:

  • Contract workers, legal advisors, credit bureaus, and debtor management organizations.
  • For promotional purposes, we exchange information with our permitted partners, such as our credit card suppliers and reviewing partners.

  • Collecting Information

    Using our site or other means, WayZ may acquire both identifiable and non-identifiable sensitive details from you. We may also seek data about your internet activity on our sites by the use of cookies. You can always refuse to provide any personal information that we require. Cookies may be used on our site to give better, more relevant content. They’re also used to measure the efficacy of adverts and to discover and resolve issues. If you do not want data gathered through these methods, most platforms have a simple procedure that allows you to refuse these techniques instantly.Here are a few instances of third-party cookies, insights suppliers, and other services that we now are using:

    • _gat, _gid, and _ga are all terms that can be found on Google. The analytics service offered by Google tracks site data and user statistics, interests, and behavior. We also utilize Google Search Console to know better how consumers reach our page and to optimize our SEO.
    • Advertising of the website.
    • is a service that monitors websites.
    • – Using video to promote your business

    Personal Data Availability

    Data preservation durations for your private information are computed using the following standards:

    • We will save your contact data for as long as your profile is operational.
    • For 12 months, we shall save exact details about your interactions. 


    We apply administrative, technological, and physical precautions to secure personal information from unauthorized access, use, amendment, or releases. Some websites may require a login and password. We strongly suggest you not share your password with anyone.

    Information Disclosure

    WayZ may release your work in the following situations:

  • To a lawsuit, court order, or demand for assistance from law enforcers To fight off civil claims
  • To identify unlawful behavior, deception, or misconduct.

  • Minors

    We do not intentionally acquire personal data from children as young as the age of thirteen. If it is discovered that we might have accidentally obtained data from minors who visited our service or goods, we will take appropriate steps to remove it from our databases.

    Modifications to this Privacy Statement

    WayZ has the right to amend this privacy policy at any moment and without notice. Additionally, if you have any issues concerning WayZ’s security, you can send us an email.

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