Inspection Management System


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A cost-effective method that ensures the output quality meets set standards and requirements.All tasks associated with checking, analyzing, documenting, organizing data, as well as monitoring checklists and web forms, are made easier using inspection management software. It enables you to maintenance, repair, and manage tasks in a fraction of the time.

In terms of real estate management, our system generates assessment checklists to ensure that each and every task is executed correctly

You can use the program to automate the inspection procedure that will highly reduce the necessity for physical labor.

You will have access to a user-friendly dashboard with allocated examinations that include all applicable standards and requirements to minimize the chance of error.

IMS allows you to optimize your resources properly, deliver fast and form more accurate plans for project scope and cost reductions.

IMS effectively manages all logistical and organizational processes, making everything more cost-effective and dependable.

Better assessment and measures lay the groundwork for a stronger customer-business relationship.

Minimize the Odds of Risk-Based Suppliers

Inspection Management system supervises high-risk manufacturers and goods, designs a sample strategy, and analyzes service quality, providing you with the data and knowledge you need to optimize your supplier base and, as a result, lower your total cost of quality.

Secure Analysis Records

Inspection Data Management systematizes your testing procedure while being confident in the security of your information. Our software specifically focuses on providing you with role-based security, a comprehensive audit trail, strong password authentication system, and also assists the IT and industry sector with electronic signatures and records.

Improved Efficiency of Supplier Checks

Inspectors can use Inspection Management's dashboards and email notifications to gather insights into the exact product qualities they should be assessed, allowing you to assure compliance and control while keeping your inbound inspection process running smoothly.

Our Service

Custom Websites That’ll Blow Away Anyone.

Our Smart Inspection Management technology allows the tough responsibility of assuring the fine quality of incoming products easier. Our methodology streamlines the process of reviewing the incoming products and guarantees that all products from the right suppliers are inspected at the right time.

Customer Satisfaction and Delight

The customized inspection workflow enabled us to identify quality concerns and non-conformances, conduct Root Cause Analysis when necessary, and achieve constant improvement of processes using a data-driven, integrated approach with the support of Inspection Management Software.

Reduced Cost of Quality

Any nonconformance or noncompliance was found and corrected early due to timely and proper risk-based inspections, reducing risks and lowering quality costs.

Continuous Improvement

We can discover any issue in the shortest amount of time and supply quality matters with the help of the Inspection Management System since we have access to insights based on inspection data and operational improvement opportunities.

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Some Questions
And Their Answers

What is the price mechanism of WayZ ERP software?

-The pricing model of our WayZ ERP software is simple, user-friendly and for users’ ease, the charges are paid annually.

- Our pricing is determined mainly on per user basis. It depends on the number of module subscribed by users.

- You can also remove a great burden by assigning the implementation task to our professional consultation team or you can simply install it with your internal project manager.

Can I customize the ERP system ?

- Yes, our versatile and user-friendly ERP system facilitates users with complete customization options.

- Users can access unlimited functions and implement their ideas as per their needs in businesses.

- Unlike other popular ERP systems which do not allow the option to customize, our ERP program provides unique features i.e dashboard which enables transparency and visibility of ongoing functions and customized solutions to users.

Which cloud hosting system WayZ ERP is working on?

- Our ERP software is hosted on a public cloud i.e., Amazon, in which multiple users can enjoy amazing cloud computing services that are managed by and controlled by the service provider aka vendor.

- We are providing our users with the best and reliable services contributor in the world.

-  Amazon’s cloud system is cost-effective, easily accessible, and one of the leading cloud services contributors in today's world.

What will happen to my data if I terminate the ERP membership?

- Even if you terminate our cloud's membership, you don't have to worry about the data.

- We give a six months’ notice to the user to remove all data backups from the cloud or migrate them to another cloud provider, after which their backup data will be automatically wiped.

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