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Reach new heights with our support services

Companies frequently struggle with ERP software systems as a result of bad software architecture, which pushes up costs and inhibits growth and value addition. Our implementation support addresses complicated business issues and requirements, integrating solutions with clients’ roadmaps to increase revenue and efficiency.

With role-based access to essential information, you can boost productivity and engagement.

Increase the effectiveness of existing resources while fulfilling business requirements.

Market analysis and contextual awareness help you manage client options

Reduce operating costs and streamline operations while managing overall business risk.

Connect business solutions with clients' roadmaps to increase revenue and profitability.

With domain-specific implementation technique skills, execute all your projects flawlessly.

Constant Administration

The center of an Wayz ERP system's functions is powered and supported by automated processes and enterprise-wide solutions. Our management of leadership capabilities troubleshoots and improves the solution, assuring continuous operational assistance with little or no outage.

ERP Integration and Updates

Business requirements and solutions will continue to evolve, necessitating updates and migration from outdated systems. Our migration expertise in Wayz has assisted clients in filling in the gaps and moving to a highly integrated ecosystem with a centralized framework that supports all apps, resulting in improved business outcomes.

Maintenance and Support

The successful adoption of an ERP system is only half of the story. ERP support and maintenance are essential for successful operations. We provide user training as well as updates and repair services to ensure that your ERP system setup runs smoothly.

Our Service

Implementation Support At Every Step

WayZ ERP solution implementation enhances the delivery of goods and services, billing and invoicing, customer management, revenue analytics, enterprise-grade reporting, and analytics. We assist our clients in obtaining up-to-date information to boost profit margins, lower costs, and add value to their businesses.

Market Leadership

Because of our ERP capabilities and best cultural values, we’re able to retain market leadership against much larger competition.

Inventory control

The data drill-down capabilities of ERP have provided you with much-needed information for controlling work in progress, simplifying manufacturing processes, and improving inventory control.

Change of order

Our system accommodates reverse job problems since it detects a negative number. When a client changes the order in progress, we remove material from a project and restore it to stock.

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Some Questions
And Their Answers

What is the pricing mechanism of WayZ ERP?

- There is an annual subscription per user. This Annual Subscription includes online implementation and training. If you subscribed on 10th July, you will pay the  bill on 10th July of next year.

Can ERP be customized?

- Yes, our consultant will be there to cater and understand your requirements and put them into action. After speaking with the Production Development team, the consultant will provide you with the scope and timelines for the project.

Where is WayZ ERP hosted?
- WayZ ERP is hosted with AWS and uses Data Centers located in Singapore and USA West.
What will happen if I cancel my subscription?

- After your WayZ ERP membership is cancel, you will have limited read, report, and export access to your ERP for six (6) months. After this period has expired, all data on the server will be deleted.

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