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What is HR Logs ?

HR Logs provide you with the exceptional management services you and your team always wished for to become the HR leader. By using HR Logs, you can easily pay your employees quickly, monitor their attendance, calculate the expenses and manage their data in a centralized integrated database. HR Logs is there to help you achieve your corporate goals in the best way.

HR Logs enables your employees to get their administrative tasks faster from managing their records, tracking their shifts, accessing pay slips to easily request flexible shift hours at the tip of their finger.

Now you can smartly Keep an eye on your employees, know their attendance, availability, check in and check out wherever they are with our HR Logs through which employees can check in.

Forget about the arduous task of manually handling all the employee data. Through HR Logs, you can centralize, access, and monitor all the data of your employees at a single, integrated platform of HR Logs.

Scheduling shifts of your employees through HR Logs can be a game changer for you. You can save your time by making shift allocation clear to your employees, notify them about any change and keep their attendance in check all at once

Pay your employees faster. Forget about the cumbersome task of making spreadsheets and excel sheets for this. No more headaches of manually entering expenses and overtime. Simply pay your employees through our smart tech HR Logs which will work of you by easily generating the pay slips in a minute.

Don’t worry about the leave management of you company. We are there to help you manage your time on and off by providing you full power to customize your software suitable to your company policies.

Managerial Relations

Our HRM system aims to preserve pleasant relationships among the workforce and processes at all company levels. At the same time, it involves monitoring staff work schedules to ensure efficiency.

Contingency Planning

It Plans, analyses, and manages the growth paths for individuals within the organization. It facilitates the identification of the next candidate who will be the ideal replacement for the departing individual.

Safety and Security

Incorporating health and safety laws with corporate practices or attitude is the best way to keep site secure. Making essential safety guidelines a part of the company's actions is one of HRM's key crucial functions.

Our Service

Helping you grow with the best HR management system

Stop worrying about manually tracking the paperwork, payroll system and files management all by yourself, because our Human Resource Logs, the systematic and comprehensive management system is there to solve all your problems. We have exclusively designed our system to link individual aims and interests with the organization’s expected goals and interests.

Secure Top Talent

We have expressed unwavering support to our clients over the years, providing them with peace of mind in all HR-related concerns.


We were able to control workflow, optimize industrial processes, and improve the supply chain, thanks to the extraordinary features of the HRM system.

Industrial Dominance

We have maintained a leading position despite considerably larger competitors because of our HRM skills and high-value systems.

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Some Questions
And Their Answers

What is the pricing mechanism of HR Logs ?

- HRMs or human resource management is a service that costs money. From the date of subscription, the fee deducts yearly. For example, if you subscribed on 10th July, you will pay the  bill on 10th July of next year.

- Subscription charges depends on modules subscribed, the number of employees in your organization ,the number of features you select, implementation and training services required. For an estimate, please see the price page or contact us.

What modules do you offer?

- We provide Attendance Management, Leave Management, Loan Management, Payroll, Employee Management, Document Management, Expense Management, Employee center, and many other modules for the users' benefits.

Which cloud do you host?

- HRMs host Amazon which makes it easy to use HRMs. We make it simple to gather, store, and analyze your employee data so you can focus on building your business culture. Visit our software page for a comprehensive list of features and programs.

What if I cancel my subscription ?

- You can cancel any subscription at any moment. We will not charge you again until the current monthly billing term ends. We will provide you with 6 months duration to backup all your data and migrate it to respective area. After 6 months timeline, your data will be automatically wiped.

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