FTA Approved Accounting Software in UAE. Best ERP for UAE’s SME companies for managing Sales, Purchase, Inventory & Payroll


What is Wayz ERP software?

Wayz ERP is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that is simple to use. The UAE Federal tax authority FTA has approved it as an approved tax accounting software. Modules include customer relationship management, sales, procurement, inventory control, general ledger, tax, fixed assets, dimensions, payroll management, document archiving and user rights management.

A cloud-based platform that enhances accessibility and reduces expenses significantly.

Proficient assistance for training and onboarding from Experts.

For extended viewability, we offer one intuitive dashboard for your best experience.

Improves efficiency by using our calculation system on how to compute VAT and excise tax.

WayZ ERP can be customized based on clients unique requirments.

Absolute authority and control over authorization of access to your database.


Our ERP software application provides the ability to automate processes, resulting in a higher rate of production, efficient use of materials, accuracy, and consistency. The minimum time is spent on manual data entry that lets the employees work on more valuable tasks.

Visibility and Tracking

The significant feature of the ERP system is its ability to provide real-time visibility and transparency to its clients. Visibility and tracking can enhance operations and strategize more effectively since every aspect, from manufacturing to shipping, is transparent.

Financial Management

Financial management is one of the most critical functions of any business. Our ERP systems contain strong accounting tools that deliver the ability to track, analyze and store the financial data to maintain the correct balance between risk and profit.

Our Service

Are you ready to experience unprecedented growth?

Now, operational excellence can be achieved by connecting all departments and functions. Our ERP software comprises integrated modules that will execute your finance, inventory management, business accounting, sales and marketing functions effectively.

Market Leadership

Because of our ERP capabilities and best cultural values, we’re able to retain market leadership against much larger competition.

Inventory control

The data drill-down capabilities of ERP have provided you with much-needed information for controlling work in progress, simplifying manufacturing processes, and improving inventory control.

Change of order

Our system accommodates reverse job problems since it detects a negative number. When a client changes the order in progress, we remove material from a project and restore it to stock.

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Why use FTA-approved accounting software in UAE?

FTA-approved accounting software in UAE plays a critical part in a taxable person’s compliance with tax laws. Software solution providers, such as Wayz ERP, provide functional and technical documentation to federal tax authorities in accordance with their instructions to ensure that software complies with tax regulations. Taxpayers can save time and money on producing tax returns, FTA audit files (FAF), and document keeping requirements for tax records by using tax accounting software.

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Some Questions
And Their Answers

What is the pricing mechanism of WayZ ERP?

- There is an annual subscription per user. This Annual Subscription includes online implementation and training. If you subscribed on 10th July, you will pay the  bill on 10th July of next year.

Can ERP be customized?

- Yes, our consultant will be there to cater and understand your requirements and put them into action. After speaking with the Production Development team, the consultant will provide you with the scope and timelines for the project.

Where is WayZ ERP hosted?
- WayZ ERP is hosted with AWS and uses Data Centers located in Singapore and USA West.
What will happen if I cancel my subscription?

- After your WayZ ERP membership is cancel, you will have limited read, report, and export access to your ERP for six (6) months. After this period has expired, all data on the server will be deleted.

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