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Get 360 degree view of customers

Wayz ERP provide exceptional solution to order processing system along with obtaining instant customer information at once. So no more missing of order or over delivering issue. Our ERP will allow you to easily track the consumption pattern of of your customers and also organize customer information, sales history, and comprehensive member purchase data from any location. After analysis, you can easily reduce your import costs in accordance with the consumption patterns of your potential customers.

Keep Inventory Management intact

Accurate estimation of inventory is one of the main factor to the ongoing success. Food products are perishable, so it is necessary to eliminate expired ones as customers expect fresh food as quick as possible. Given that, Wayz ERP will keep will reduce spoilage, track lots numbers, track down expired food and notify you about your current stock.

Quick orders and fastest delivery

Integrated Wayz ERP will automate your order processing system. You can easily handle your customers from every platform i.e B2Bbwith our Wayz ERP. Customers also expect fastest delivery. By using Wayz ERP, get quick orders and connect all your delivery channels at one place. Wayz ERP links warehouse to sales system, allowing your team to priorities more urgent deliveries, so no customer has to wait at all.

We Are Wayz ERP

Helping you reach new heights

Wayz cloud ERP offers exceptional customer service with complete integration of inventory, purchasing, sales finance, and manufacturing. Our ERP is the best software solution to CRM, order management, inventory management, accounting, traceability and financial at a single space.
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Enterprise Resource Planning

Transform your business processes with SC S/ BVA, our intelligent, integrated ERP system.

Industry-specific capabilities

Real-time, embedded analytics

Live requirements planning

Machine learning-enabled

Automated, group-wide pro

Delivery delay prediction

Save time and money by minimizing your batch runs, labor hours, and factory line efficiency.

Track participation costs in Stock Keeping Units and product lines down to your refined raw materials.

Create whatever report you desire. Keep track of your business using the dashboard.

Employees might still manage work orders through their mobile devices.

Preventative repairs are regularly done to ensure quality and productivity.

Builds and maintains high-quality customer relationships that help to keep business alive.

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