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What is FIXED AMS?

Our Fixed Asset Management System is a tried and trusted software that will help your company keep track of its inventory and control its operations more efficiently. Basically, Our system comprises a simple and centralized way to manage and monitor your business’s assets in a small fraction of time.

The all-round features of our Fixed Asset Management System will provide various advantages to your organization, including

With our FAMS, you can learn when your asset has been lost or stolen, when it needs to be repaired, and even how to create a complete and detailed audit report.

Our FAMS can also assist you in the planning of future investments and budgets for your organization.

You can improve your approach to acquiring and using assets by keeping track of them throughout their lifecycle.

Our versatile AMS will free your employees of repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on other areas of your organization.

You can obtain better insights into what your customers desire with FAM software, and you can notify them anytime a new update is made.

Inventory Management

Our FAMS will allow you to track, manage and control the inventory of your organization through a single dashboard. You can examine the stock levels at a glance and get an alert when parts and supplies run out.

Centralized System

Our Fixed Asset Management Software will allow your organization to get a comprehensive view of all assets and assess their impact on other parts of your organization. For example, our system can assist you with budgeting and planning.

Asset Lifecycle Management

A Fixed Asset Management System will enable you to organize the lifecycle of your assets by providing real-time data about all the items in the inventory. It will help you identify potential issues and make timely adjustments to minimize the loss.

Our Service

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We believe that our FAMS will assist your business in keeping track of all assets, including automobiles, equipment, and investments. Since all the assets are well accounted for in our FAM system, the chance of ghost Assets gets highly reduced.

Achieved Complete Accuracy

With the FAM system installed, we have been able to track our assets on a real-time basis for the first time. It helped us reduce the amount spent on inventory, and the stocks run out have been fully controlled.


We chose your FAM system since it is the only one of its kind, offering great customization and the ability to work on various platforms.

Thoroughly Controlled

The FAM system is simple to use and has saved us many hours of effort and thousands of dollars in lost or misplaced inventory

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Some Questions
And Their Answers

How long will my Fixed Asset Manager Licence work without expiration?

-  Your Fixed Asset Manager License will work if you don't update it and use it in the same old version of your purchased software.

-  You will also get free updates for the next 24 months; however, it is your own choice if you want to utilize it or not.

-  You can purchase updates for 50% off after 24 months have passed.

How can I calculate my return on investment (ROI) after deploying FAMS?

You can calculate your ROI by:

-  Saving the amount of time you spend performing inventories and looking for assets

-  Increasing individual asset uptime

-  Lowering the number of lost assets

How to add my company name to the reports?

Take the following steps to add your company name:

-  Select the main "Reports" tab and click on the "Options" button in the toolbar. "Edit" the Custom Header or Footer to use your company name.

Why should I quit the spreadsheet to record assets?

-  Data entry in spreadsheets is a very complex procedure, and it is sensitive to errors. Spreadsheets can only be edited by one person at a time and are often only accessible on a desktop. However, with FAMS, the risk of error is highly reduced, and it can be modified on any device.

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