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WayZ-ERP is Web based Accounting and Business management software. Having modules includes Sales, Purchases, Inventory, Manufacturing, Fixed Assets, Payroll and General Ledger.

WayZ-ERP can improve a company’s business performance by developing the most efficient way to plan and schedule resources and optimize productivity. One example of how ERP does this is by using workflows that streamline business processes, carefully track employee performance, and analyze results. This provides business owners with data visibility, allowing them to see which parts of their processes are most productive and which need to be improved.

Yes, you can easily transfer or convert data from any current system into WayZ-ERP. WayZ-ERP has designed an import tool that easily lets you map and transfer data via an excel or CSV file directly into WayZ-ERP, making the transition from your previous system quicker and easier.

WayZ-ERP is great for all big, small, and mid-sized companies. Many smaller organizations use QuickBooks or similar software, which frequently lack key functions that WayZ-ERP software can offer. For example, they may not be fully integrated or robust, and they may be missing features such as CRM, production, warehouse management, and more. A WayZ-ERP system can accommodate any sized company and offer a wide range of tools and features that can help them optimize business processes.

WayZ-ERP system should cover as many business processes as possible. In contrast to isolated solutions, a highly integrated ERP system enables business-wide resource management. Communication flow is improved, and collaboration within the company can be organized more efficiently.

Typical function areas of WayZ-ERP software include Sales management, Purchases management, and Inventory management, Manufacturing, Fixed Assets, Payroll and General Ledger.

Yes, you can test WayZ-ERP online at WayZ-ERP Demo – there you can find our virtual company, which enables you to get an insight into WayZ-ERP. This demo is available for different industries, such as manufacturing, automotive & supply, distribution and professional services. Using it, you can get an impression of how a user in various departments of a company works with WayZ-ERP, e.g. sales, purchasing, production or finance.

There are no hidden costs of WayZ-ERP software. The charges will be explicitly explained in writing during the sales process. There is a one-time cost for the overall software, an ongoing implementation cost during the implementation stage, and an overall support fee. Other fees include any customizations you require us to perform, such as specific fields that need to be created in your implementation of WayZ-ERP.

Hardware requirements will vary depending on the number of users you have, your number of locations, the types of integration, and other factors. These factors can be discussed and assessed by the WayZ tech team during your selection process. It’s important for your ERP system’s performance that your hardware is properly sized for your installation.

When the WayZ-ERP implementation process is complete, we keep our customers engaged by offering various opportunities for them to continue the learning process of WayZ-ERP. Customers can attend interactive trainings and workshops where they can ask specific questions and learn both basic and in depths skills of how to use WayZ-ERP. The WayZ-ERP support team is always available for users to call in and ask any questions they may have about their ERP system.

No, it is not required to hire a full time IT person, but an ERP implementation needs the support of the staff as there are several personal requirements, which should be named by the staff and should be checked by your staff.

Yes, with WayZ-ERP, you can add users at a later date. In the original contract, there is a set number of users and an agreed-upon price per additional user added at a later date.

WayZ-ERP solutions have become indispensable to mid-market businesses. Efficiency, costing, cost management, and data transparency must be ensured to remain competitive. ERP systems connect the various functional departments of your company to form the “big picture.” They control all essential business processes and material flows, collect data, and deliver evaluations for strategic decisions—from purchasing, warehousing and production to marketing and sales, customer support, and controlling.

Training is an essential part of successfully implementing a new ERP system. Well-trained users know how to use an ERP solution with confidence. They are efficient, highly motivated, and often discover new ways to save time and improve business processes. Whether you are new to ERP or already an expert, we offer training courses for all experience levels, job functions, and learning styles. And thanks to our trainers’ extensive project experience, you can be certain the knowledge they impart is pertinent and applicable.

WayZ-ERP offers cloud hosting option, which will give customers a wider range of how and when they can connect to their server. The solution will allow customers to connect from any internet-connected web browser or device.

Customers may use their own hardware as long as WayZ evaluates it first to ensure it meets the minimum requirements for storage, memory, processing, and other details.

WayZ-ERP does not directly sell hardware, but we have partners who can help you find the most suitable equipment for WayZ-ERP. During the selection and implementation process, our WayZ-ERP sales and technical representatives can help guide you through the hardware selection process and put you in touch with our recommended vendors.

Yes. WayZ-ERP offers, a browser-based web interface for WayZ-ERP.

WayZ-ERP has been built with extensive security protections, which are regularly updated based on the always-changing threat environment. However, to protect our customers, we do not discuss the details of our security strategy on our public website.

Your firewall requirements will depend on several factors, including the hosting option you select, and can be discussed with our WayZ tech team during the selection and implementation process.

There’s no requirement to upgrade your hardware in order to install a WayZ-ERP upgrade. That said, sometimes a software upgrade is a good time to assess your hardware’s performance and consider improvements.